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I won’t just head it up, I will head and shoulders it up. I will dive in, swim around it, and just be… altogether good with it.”

Sophie Turner @ Glastonbury Festival


Mindy went on to say, “I’m afraid a couple of you are probably evil — that’s just the odds.” So watch the full Harvard Law School commencement speech here. 


everyone needs to see this


The “How many Breaking Bad t-shirts does Vince Gilligan have?” photoset.




That time in which Mamrie, Grace, and Hannah absolutely NAIL it.

The notes.

this is probably like, one of those forever reblog situations

Kristen is tired of shitty girl power movies

today i was on the last bus home at like 11pm, right down the back of the bus, alone, slightly drunk, scoffing my face with a chicken royale and chips from burger king, drinking coke spiked with vodka out of one of those burger king cups, wearing high-waisted denim shorts, a crop top, a leather jacket, red converse and a pair of sunglasses, with fall out boy blaring out of my earphones and a lot of people turning around and staring at me with disgusted looks on their faces.

i think i’ve found my aesthetic.

C'est La Vie

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